Local NFL Financial Advisor Specializes In Helping Players Manage Newfound Wealth

Wednesday, April 26th 2017, 9:59 pm
By: News On 6

Players that get their name called during the NFL Draft will have a nice payday coming their way.

Tulsa’s Marquay Baul recently got tasked with being an NFL Players Association Registered Financial Advisor, and it all started at a QuikTrip.

"I met with a gentleman that had a kid in the draft,” Baul recalled. “Months later, the young man reached out. He ended up going in the first round, and it just started from there."

Baul didn't play pro football, but he's as close to the players and the field as someone who doesn't play can be. He works at Arvest Bank, but has multiple clients in the NFL to help them with financial matters before, during and after their playing days are over. 

And he's the only register advisor based out of Oklahoma.

"It's been cool to be in Tulsa and be able to build a successful clientele,” said Baul. “They came out worse than they came in, so I figured there had to be something I could be a part of."

As his career expanded, he embraced the teaching aspect of finance.

"One of the things I pinpoint as far as where they need to be as far as perspective, I love educating young men,” explained Baul. “Here's how you're supposed to think as a new successful entrepreneur, you are a brand."

He represents several players, from veterans to those aspiring to be pro players who are the hardest to deal with.

"The first thing I talk to them about is the work half,” he stated. “Half of everything you bring in is going to be gone. Almost 39 percent of their money is going to their favorite family member already and that's Uncle Sam. You come into this thing with zero training on how to manage the money; let me give you the plays to go practice."

Baul is proving you don't have the be successful on the field to get close to the NFL. But his message is clear: NFL careers don't last forever.

"No matter what ball you're kicking, it has a start date and it has an end date,” he said. “You've got the highest paid temp job, so you're going to be making the transition sooner rather than later."