Three Injured In Boat Crash On Grand Lake

Thursday, April 20th 2017, 8:08 pm
By: Emory Bryan

Three fishermen are in a Tulsa hospital after their boats collided Thursday on Grand Lake.

The visibility was poor when the crash happened, and police said they believe at least one of the operators was wearing a face shield that would have limited his view.

Two men were riding in one boat when it hit the other one on the side.

The impact threw all of the men into the water, but they all were wearing a vest.

Rescuers pulled them out and over to the ramp by Disney.

“Two people per boat and all of them went into the water,” said Justin Alberty of GRDA. “Three of them injured, two seriously enough to go by helicopter to Tulsa.  Another went by ground ambulance, and he wasn't injured that seriously.”

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While two had serious injuries, police pointed out that the point of impact was right behind where two fishermen were riding.

At least one man went under the boat that hit them and his vest was pulled over his head, so it could have easily been worse.

There were 166 boats taking part in the tournament, and they were scattered across the lake when the crash happened at 11 a.m.

“They had been on the lake for some time,” said Alberty. “This was not an accident that happened at launch and we don't know yet exactly what happened, but they didn’t see each other.”

GRDA police plan to take a closer look at the boats to make sure of what they think happened.

They have not released the names of the men involved but say they were not local anglers.