Mullin Resumes Town Halls After Canceling Due To Security Concerns

Wednesday, April 12th 2017, 6:47 pm

Less than 24 hours after Representative Markwayne Mullin canceled a town hall in Tahlequah over security concerns, the congressman met with Oklahomans in Stigler.

Mullin had a respectful crowd there; and though he had some time to instruct them how to behave at the meeting, he didn't have time to answer all their questions.

During the meeting, Mullin talked about the debt, North Korea, education and environmental deregulation; but he started with a talk about respect.

“What we should always do is be respectful of the other person’s opinion, can you guys agree on that,” he said. “After you ask your question, please have a seat. Second thing, I don’t care if you got a red piece of paper…don’t hold up any signs.”

The speech came after the congressman said a Facebook comment prompted him to cancel the Tahlequah town hall Tuesday evening; a comment about civil unrest with his home address included.

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He said the commenter hasn’t been arrested, but they know who she is. He said the "venue didn't want to go along with our protocols," about a threat, but was never clear on what they wouldn't do.

Suzanne Hathaway was at the Tahlequah meeting that didn't happen.

“This was the first that I had heard that he’d received some kind of threatening message, you know, ‘anybody feel like getting arrested,’ so, you know, we were really disappointed,” she said of the meeting being canceled.

The congressman also spoke with us about a controversial comment he made saying taxpayers didn’t pay his salary. Mullin told us he was trying to make a point that he’s not a career politician and that his personal taxes covers more than his salary.

The congressman is continuing to have town hall meetings; he'll be in southern Oklahoma Thursday.