TPD Warns Drivers About Not Merging Properly In Construction Zones

Tuesday, April 11th 2017, 6:35 pm
By: News On 6

Some drivers are breaking the law on Tulsa's Highway 75.

Police said impatient drivers are causing problems, but they want drivers to remember there's a legal and safe way to merge in a construction zone. 

Police said the minute you see a merge sign, that's when you need to start merging. They said you're not supposed to zoom ahead and try to work your way in at the last minute.

But, that's what drivers do all the time.

Police said zooming ahead is not only dangerous, it's less efficient.

"If traffic would actually merge earlier, it would actually flow a lot quicker," said TPD Sgt. Stephen Boyes. "A lot of the traffic backup is from people stopping and letting somebody in who wasn't paying attention to the yield signs."

He said when the sign says 'merge now, state law,' that's exactly what it means.

He said if everyone would follow the rules, it would be safer and faster for all.

"You're saying, 'my priorities are higher than your priorities.' Everybody needs to be someplace," Boyes said. 

He said drivers can't get impatient and drive for miles on the shoulder or in the grass and they certainly shouldn't back up an entrance ramp to avoid the construction slowdown.

"So, you could get a ticket for either one of those things, driving on the shoulder or backing up an entrance ramp," Boyes said. 

He said even though you may be in stop-and-go traffic or moving very slowly, it's still not a good idea to be looking at your phone. He said what you should be doing is watching for workers so you don't hit one.

Police said they know it's tempting for people to slide over and block the traffic that is racing ahead, but they don't recommend it. Not only is it not safe, it's against the law.