Tulsa Woman’s Home Used As Fake Listing In Airbnb Scam

Friday, April 7th 2017, 8:52 pm
By: News On 6

A Tulsa woman claims someone put her address on the Airbnb website, advertising a room for rent.

Four people then showed up on her doorstep, looking for their room.

She's not sure who was more surprised to realize a scam was afoot.

Verda says when the first guy showed up asking for Chuck, she sent him away without a thought. But a week later, more people showed up asking for Chuck, and more people showed up the next week. Finally, when the fourth person arrived at her home, Verda had to ask what was going on. 

That's when the woman showed Verda the listing on Airbnb; it was Verda's address, offering a room for rent.

The woman paid $218 for eight nights for two people.

"I just told her, I'm sorry for you,” said Verda. “My heart goes out to you, but I don't have the resources for this."

Verda has no idea who Chuck is or how he picked her address and said the room he shows on the ad is not a room anywhere in her house.

She just wants her address removed from the site so strangers quit showing up on her doorstep.

"I wouldn't say it makes me afraid,” she said. “I just trust in God, but it unsettled us."

Airbnb says to avoid being scammed, never pay the host directly, never wire them money, only pay through the website.

Only communicate with the host through in-app messaging and look for the superhost badge, which means that person has met the highest standards.

"It's just not the same world it used to be,” said Verda. “Tt's too bad, too bad you can't trust people."

We sent some emails to Airbnb but never heard back.

But there is good news; Verda said it looks like her address is no longer on the website.