Gundy Talks Rattlesnakes During Wednesday's Media Session

Wednesday, March 22nd 2017, 9:47 pm
By: Jonathan Huskey

The story goes, a Mike Gundy comfortable with his quarterback is a happy Mike Gundy.

If there's ever a time for that to be true, it's now. A relaxed Gundy was on full display at the Cowboys spring practice.

“You guys are getting a great history lesson here on rattlesnakes,” he said.

Nearly the majority of Gundy’s media availability was rattlesnake talk, not football, signs of a coach confident in his quarterback Mason Rudolph, receiver James Washington and a core of returning starters.

"We have a certain number of players that you all are familiar with, Mason, Washington, some guys that, at our level, we would call veteran players,” said Gundy. “They need to get some quality work, and then we need to get them out. Our skill's pretty good. I mean, we can throw it around a little bit and run it and catch it and make some plays."

Gundy is so relaxed that he's even got a plan for what's he's doing after his career is over.

"John Smith, our wrestling coach, his farm is right by mine, and I figure I can teach him,” he stated. “That'll give John and I something to do. When we retire, we can just walk around in our boots and rattlesnake hunt."