Neighbor Of B.A. Man Who Shot, Killed Father Says Neighborhood Will Go 'Back To Normal'

Saturday, October 22nd 2016, 6:23 pm
By: Amy Slanchik

Linda Sander moved to South Maple Avenue in 1992 with her husband, and for the last 24 years, she's been pleased with the neighborhood.

"It's always been quiet,” said Sander. “We've got great neighbors. I don't think I could ask any more of a peaceful place to be. It's always been an extremely good neighborhood.”

But on Friday afternoon, police say Jacob Krafft shot and killed his father in their home.

"Very hectic,” stated Sander. “There was a lot of people, nobody knew what happened."

Police say Krafft told them his father called him a coward and tried to get Krafft to stab him with a knife in the living room.

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"Unfortunately sometimes families have problems that boil over and this one boiled over," said Sander.  

The arrest report says Krafft walked away and grabbed a rifle in his bedroom, later shooting his father in the kitchen as he reached in a drawer. 

The father told his son, "You killed me," according to police.

Krafft told police he ran to put the rifle away in his bedroom, passed his father lying on the kitchen floor, went outside, and then called 911.

Sander watched from her driveway as police arrested Krafft.

"I know he just came out with his hands up,” said Sander. “I saw him walking down the streets with his hands up."

Krafft told police he's confident and has a "very good shot" with the rifle and "if he wanted to shoot the victim in the head he could have" but "purposely shot him in the hip."

Despite the death, Sander isn't concerned about the peace or safety on her street.

"I think it'll go right back to normal," Sander stated.