Rogers County Voters Attend Forum To Learn More About 2016 Ballot

Tuesday, October 18th 2016, 10:29 pm
By: News On 6

We are just 20 days away from Election Day, and voters are hearing the last pitches from candidates.

Tuesday night in Claremore, voters heard from candidates for congress, the state house, sheriff, and learned more about the state questions on the ballot.

Rogers County is above the state average for registered voters; and those voters are pretty active, evident by the number of people that attended Tuesday night’s forum.

Less than a month away before voters head to the polls, community election forums like these are helping people learn who else is on the ballot besides Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

In Claremore, voters got to hear who's running for office in their congressional district and the all-important State Questions.

Rogers County voter, Cara Cowan-Watts said, "So, I wanted to come out tonight to hear both sides of our state questions, which are obviously very important because it changes our constitution, but I also wanted to hear from the candidates that may not have money to reach my household directly."

"I think we care. I think we believe in the form of government we've got and I think that we think elections are important - we're going to show up," Hal Capshaw said.

"I think one thing about being a voter in Rogers County is, I think we understand the importance that every elected role has in our lives and that does affect us day-to-day, whether we're a citizen who works for someone else or a small business owner such as myself," Cowan-Watts said.

The general election is November 8th.

The Rogers County Election Board said it normally sends out 900 absentee ballots for general elections - this year about 2,000 have been sent out so far.