Tulsa Man Urges Drivers To Slow Down In Neighborhoods

Sunday, October 16th 2016, 8:01 pm
By: Amy Slanchik

Cars speeding through neighborhoods, driving recklessly, is something we've all witnessed. 

But one Tulsa-area realtor said he wants it to stop before someone gets hurt, or even killed. 

Now, there's a grassroots effort taking place to remind drivers to slow down. 

Horse-drawn hay rides aren't normally on neighborhood streets. 

John Gibson Miller said he wants to draw attention to what usually is on these streets, kids and cars. 

He said the cars are driving too fast. 

"I'm thinking sometimes 35 and 40 miles an hour on these interior streets," Miller said.

The Forest Park South Fall Festival gave Miller a chance to get the word out about slowing down. 

"It doesn't become an issue until someone becomes injured or hurt severely, and then it's a little bit too late," Miller said.

The goal is to have the speed limit posted in as many places as possible, whether it's a front yard or a neighborhood trash bin.

"When you put those out, it's just a way to keep reminding people as they go. I mean, the trash cans only go on and off the streets one day a week, but it helps," he said.

He's urging his neighbors to make a statement with the signs and decals, designed by a non-profit organization.

He's already brought the problem to police. 

"Yes, we've had them out and amazingly, everyone was driving the speed limit that day!" Miller said.

With all the kids in the neighborhood and traffic coming in from Sheridan and Memorial, people like Ashley Dubriwny are ready for action before someone gets hurt.   

"I think every parent worries about it and especially, we live in a safe city and this is a safe neighborhood but if there's anything you can do to go the extra step to protect your child, why not take it?" Dubriwny said. 

Miller said the homeowners board in Forest Park South will pay for signs if neighbors want them.