Two Boys Caught Breaking Into Owasso Elementary School

Sunday, October 16th 2016, 9:33 am

Owasso police said two kids caused some trouble overnight breaking into an elementary school. It's the latest in a string of break-ins during the past week, according to police. 

Officers said two juveniles broke into Pamela Hodson Elementary, setting off the school's burglary alarm. 

A school official got up in the middle of the night with his tools to come board up the window that was smashed during the break-in. Police tell us the two boys didn't steal anything and ran away as officers got to the school.
The pair showed up on their bikes, but ditched them at the scene while running away. 

Police arrested the boys without incident and later released the two to their parents. 

Owasso police say several schools have been broken into this week. Officers are not saying if anything was stolen, or if those incidents might be connected to this one.