Warm, Windy Across Eastern Oklahoma This Weekend

Saturday, October 15th 2016, 10:50 am
By: Stephen Nehrenz

We got another brief taste of real fall weather earlier this week, but our temperatures are not exactly very fall-like as we dive into our weekend. 

Get ready for weather that will feel more like late spring or summer than early fall!

Clouds and a few patchy areas of drizzle will hold our temperatures pretty steady through the morning hours, but clouds will start to gradually thin out from lunchtime into the afternoon hours for our Saturday. 

That surge of sunshine will help push our afternoon highs into the 80s! Gusty south winds will be one of the biggest issues today, as gusts over 30 miles per hour will be possible at times. Hang on to your hats! 

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Also, please be aware that your car temperatures can still get very hot this time of year, even though you might not be thinking about it. Please don't leave your kids or pets in your car unattended this weekend, as temperatures could get dangerously hot very fast.

Those strong south winds will not calm down much as we head into Sunday. Less clouds and generally sunnier skies are likely on Sunday, and high temperatures will likely soar to near 90 degrees! What season is it, again?

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By Monday, our highs soar into the low 90s, and if we climb higher than 90 degrees in Tulsa on Monday, that would be a new record high for that date. 

For those of you wanting our recent fall cool air to come back, just be patient for a few days! After hot weather early in the week, we should see a gradual trend down in temperatures as another cold front approaches by the middle of the week with a chance of showers and storms by Wednesday, followed by much cooler air late in the week.