Mayes County Sheriff Not Recommending Charges For Mother Who Shot Son

Tuesday, October 11th 2016, 6:28 pm
By: Emory Bryan

Tuesday, the Mayes County sheriff questioned a woman but didn't arrest her after she told him she shot and killed her 36-year-old son.

Investigators say it appears to be a case of self-defense. The sheriff said they're still looking at the evidence, but believe Regina Wallington shot her son as he was attacking her.

The house on 630 Road, just east of Mazie, sits back from the road - far enough that no one living nearby knew anything was happening until one neighbor heard a knock on the door just before 8:00 Monday morning.

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Mayes County sheriff, Mike Reed, said Regina Wallington told a neighbor she had killed her son.

“It appears preliminary there was some sort of struggle in the house, there was one shot fired and the victim is deceased,” Reed said.

Investigators arrived to find the body of 36-year-old Ronald Wallington on the front porch but said he was shot inside the home.

His mother was taken to the sheriff's office for questioning.

The sheriff said his investigators would use a search warrant to go through the house as they try to confirm or disprove the mother's account of what happened.

He wasn't sure the nature of the dispute that led to the argument, and a mother shooting her own son.

The sheriff said his office would investigate, but he's asked the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation to assist in the case just to make sure they cover every angle.

The sheriff said late Monday his office would send their findings to the district attorney, but he would not be recommending charges.