Father Of Injured Tulsa Baby Faces Child Neglect Complaint

Friday, October 7th 2016, 8:29 pm
By: News On 6

Trouble is piling up for the father of a 9-month old baby boy who was hit and impaled in the head by a metal pipe during a home invasion Wednesday.

He now faces a complaint of child neglect.

Police said this is a convoluted case of retaliation between the father of the child and three other people.

The father, Joshua Grant Hunt, 31, and two of those people are sitting in the Tulsa County jail, while his 9-month old son is fighting for his life after he was impaled by a metal pipe during a home invasion.

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"It's very disturbing," said Jeanne McKenzie, the Tulsa Police Department spokeswoman.

Hunt, the man police said they believe is the father of the 9-month-old, is facing child neglect complaints in lieu of the attack.

Tulsa Police said they believe the issue started when Hunt allegedly stole something from one of the suspects.

According to the arrest and booking reports, Crystal West, Jordan Morrow and a third person went to Hunt's home to confront him about it.

During that confrontation, police said a metal pipe was thrown hitting the child in the head.

"That child was being held by the mother at the time when he was impaled," McKenzie said. "An adult being impaled on something is horrific but to see a 9-month-old child with an injury like that it really is hard to describe what you think or feel about."

Morrow and West were arrested on complaints of assault with a dangerous weapon in concert and first-degree burglary.
Hunt is accused of child neglect.

"By him stealing from these people, he placed his 9-month-old child in a very unsafe environment," McKenzie said. 

Hunt was also arrested at the hospital after police said he tried to steal a woman's purse from a waiting room.

Police said the baby is still in the hospital, and they are still looking for a man connected to this case.