Eisenhower Students Learn About Life In Life Lab

Tuesday, October 4th 2016, 7:00 pm
By: News On 6

Eisenhower International School has a Life Lab. What’s a Life Lab you ask? Well, as they explained it, it’s a pollinator garden and an outdoor garden where life happens.

The Life Lab is kind of the pet project of Laura Shannon.

Last year, students, the PTA, some Boy Scouts and other volunteers created the pollinator garden.

They build one building call the Chalet, which provides a safe place for the life cycle from a caterpillar to butterfly, and the kids can learn a little about the cycle.

"The idea with this is they can watch it," Shannon explained.

While we were there, Gilda Garcia's class was working; their object was to count all the different things they saw.

The object is to get every class out in the Life Lab once a week when the weather is good.