Police Give Helpful Tips To Keep Your Car Safe At Tulsa State Fair

Friday, September 30th 2016, 10:52 pm
By: News On 6

With the Tulsa State Fair in full swing, sheriff’s deputies want to make sure it’s fun, not frustrating for families.

Deputies say avoiding problems begins before you park; they say to make sure your car is locked and your belongings are hidden because thieves could target your car.

Just about everyone gets into the fair by car or busy, leaving hundreds of vehicles packed in the parking lots.

Law enforcement says that creates a prime opportunity for thieves to break in while you're inside having fun.

Tulsa police sergeant, Jillian Phippen said, "Double check and make sure, when you're walking away from your vehicle, that you're secured it. That you have locked it.”

The Tulsa Police Department monitors the outside parking lots and the Sheriff's Department patrols the inside of the fairgrounds.

"There's a lot of times, especially when we're going to the fair, we're packing strollers, we're getting bags to prepare to walk in - and that's easy to do, to forget to lock it. And so that’s going to be very easy to just come by, double check that handle, and then, if it opens, your whole car is vulnerable,” Phippen said.

The sergeant said she wants everyone to keep their belongings hidden, or just left at home.

Tulsa State Fair Directions And Parking

"So, you know, when you're going to park for many hours out here where there's hundreds of cars that are all going to be subject to somebody potentially walking by to break in, then you're already prepared so nothing is in your car," she said.

It’s also important to keep in mind where to park when going to the fair. When it comes to private parking lots like, the Walmart Neighborhood Market, expect to get towed if you're not one of its customers.