Shelby Family Going To Go Through Nightmares, Wife Of Bob Bates Says

Tuesday, September 27th 2016, 10:39 pm
By: Emory Bryan

A small group supporting law enforcement gathered at Hunter Park Tuesday afternoon to give support to Officer Betty Shelby.

About two dozen people gathered to support law enforcement, but only one of them knows exactly what Shelby's family is going through.

“My heart goes so deep with Betty Shelby and her family,” said Charlotte Bates. “They are going to go through some absolutely horrible nightmares.”

Charlotte Bates is the wife of Bob Bates - the reserve deputy now in prison for the mistaken shooting of Eric Harris.

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“As Tulsans, and as Oklahomans, let’s stand up for Betty, for our police department and our sheriff's department, for these men and women who are out on the streets protecting all of us,” she said. “I'm here to support our law officers who have not been supported.”

The group believes the district attorney rushed the case without considering many officers are trained to use deadly force in that situation.

Retired deputy, Mike O'Keefe said, “So there's some real serious questions we have on this. And this impacts every law enforcement officer in the United States right now.”

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Rogers County sheriff, Scott Walton said, “We support people who put on the uniform and do a job that most people would run from.”

Walton said people should understand officers make instant life or death decisions, while everyone else gets to review those choices in relative slow motion.

“I certainly believe, personally, that she had no intentions of doing anything other than serving her community that night,” he said.

The group hopes this won't be a one-time event - they hope to build support for Shelby and build up her legal defense fund as well.