Crutcher Attorneys Want To Dispel 'Reaching Into Window' Story

Tuesday, September 20th 2016, 7:11 pm
By: News On 6

Terence Crutcher's attorneys hope to dispel the story that Crutcher tried to reach through his car window when police confronted him. 

Attorneys unveiled enhanced images at a Tuesday news conference they say will help.

Crutcher's attorneys said the pictures will eliminate that argument and also reveal why they say the officer who shot Crutcher knew there was no threat.

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The attorneys said technical experts rolled slowly and meticulously through police video to find the images showing a blood-streaked, rolled up window.

"The good thing about video, it is objective, it is nonpartisan. It doesn't have to try to win over supporters or voters, it is what it is," said Benjamin Crump, Crutcher's attorney.

Since the beginning, the officer who shot Crutcher has said when Crutcher walked to his car she feared he may have been trying to reach through a window to get a gun.

Police never found a gun. That combined with having so many officers on scene, Crutcher's attorneys say non-lethal force should have been the only option.

"He didn't make any sudden movements, the only movement that happened is when Terence was hit by the Taser and shortly there after he was shot. And his blood spattered on this window on this car and it just rolled all the way down and it pools as he bled out without anyone coming to his aid," said Damario Solomon-Simmons, Crutcher family attorney.

Crutcher's attorneys are also taking a closer look at 911 audio.

One caller described seeing Crutcher's car in the middle of the street, saying, "It's actually an abandoned vehicle, somebody left their vehicle running in the street with the doors wide open."

Attorneys said when the officer got on scene, Crutcher was nowhere around when she closes the doors.

"He didn't close the doors he comes on the scene when she's at the car," said attorney David Riggs. "She says he approached her as she was securing the vehicle, and if she secured the vehicle, especially the driver side, she knew there was no gun."

Crutcher's funeral is scheduled for this Saturday night at 7:00.

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