Thanks To Bond, Bixby Leaders Focused On Fixing Flood Issues

Wednesday, August 24th 2016, 9:57 pm
By: News On 6

Thanks to voters approving referendums in Bixby, the City can address major flooding issues in the southern part of town.

The proposition passed Tuesday night by more than 70 percent; it allocates nearly $1 million to fix drainage issues south of 161st Street.

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For decades, people living south of downtown Bixby have had to deal with flooding from local rainfall and backup water out of Snake Creek, according to City Manager Jared Cottle.

Bixby resident Theresia Morgan said she’s seen flood water ruin homes and make it nearly impossible to drive.

"You couldn't even drive. You could not drive at all, it was pretty bad," she said. “To, like, where they couldn't even get to their house."

Now, the area south of 161st Street is largely in the Snake Creek flood plain; but thanks to voters, the City will be exploring options to help the people who live south stay dry, but how has yet to be decided.

There are no underground drainage pipes and barely ditches in some spots.

Cottle said, "I do not anticipate and one-sized fits all fix, not for any of these neighborhoods."

A temporary stormwater retention pond, elevating roadways, installing a piped stormwater system are all options on the table, but city leaders want community input first.

"Figure out what the best strategy is, is our first task, and get as much of that done as we can," Cottle said.

That's a relief for Morgan, who doesn't want her neighbors to need to rely on sandbags.

Morgan said the city needs to keep one goal in mind, “Just get the water out of here, they will be good.  The people around here will be very happy."

Bixby city leaders say they plan to have community forums in the future to hear ideas on how to fix the flooding. They say they hope to hear from as many people living in the affected areas as possible.