Master Plan Released For Tulsa County's Chandler Park

Tuesday, August 9th 2016, 1:29 pm
By: Emory Bryan

Tulsa County is moving forward with a master plan for the 192-acre Chandler Park.

It's what the county considers an "underutilized" park and the proposed master plan would make the park a first class attraction.

While there's been a lot of attention on the privately funded Gathering Place on Tulsa's Riverside Drive and city parks continue to struggle, Tulsa County has been slowly developing a plan to remake Chandler Park on West 21st Street.

There's never been a plan this comprehensive for Chandler Park, which would improve the flow of traffic with new roads - the belief is it would bring in new people by improving almost everything there.

The 1950's look of Chandler Park isn't completely by design; it's just that parts of it haven't changed much since then.

While there's a modern community center, other elements are aging and need more than routine repairs. The County Parks Board believes that can happen without harming the raw appeal of 200 acres of mostly open space.

"Now, we want to enhance all those things and improve the park in a really great sense. It's one of the premier parks in the metro area from what it has to offer from a nature standpoint," said parks director, Richard Bales.

Tulsa County's master plan for Chandler Park includes a new idea for the entrance. The concepts call for more pavilions, and an outdoor stage. The pool area would either be rebuilt or replaced with a large splash pad. The newer playgrounds would stay, the older ones would be updated.

"I think the total budget is $17 million for the master plan in general," Bales said.

He said, with $4 million in Vision money coming, and a good plan, there's a better chance of support from private donors.

"So it has a pretty hefty price-tag, and we realize we won't get that in two or three years, we understand that, but you have to have a concept and plan to move in that direction," Bales said.

The county wants to improve the sports fields on the upper level and reopen the overlooks on the lower level. It's been closed off since 2007 because of damage from the ice storm.

The county hopes to start some work early next year, but it really depends on the flow of vision dollars, and which projects take priority.

Chandler Park Master Plan Report

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