Jenks Athletic Director Warns Businesses Of Unsanctioned 'Fundraiser'

Thursday, August 4th 2016, 8:55 pm
By: News On 6

Businesses who think they are buying ads to support their local high school sports teams may want to make sure to double check.

We’re told someone is going around selling advertisements to businesses for a Jenks Trojans football poster, but none of the money is going to local kids. Instead, it's going into someone's pocket.

Computer Trendz is a Jenks company that bought an ad, wanting to support their local team. They were shocked when the athletic director told them none of the money goes to the school - it's all profit for the company behind it.

“Oh, we were very disappointed,” Jacqueline Barrett said. "You can't tell by looking at it that it's not a Jenks-sponsored calendar."

That's why the athletic director, Tony Dillingham, is calling all 82 businesses on the posters to let them know their support is not going where they may think.

He called the company selling the ads, which has a Tulsa PO box and local number. He said they told him they did not misrepresent their sales, but some of the businesses do feel misled.

Dillingham said, "Some told me they flat out asked the sales people ‘who do these benefit’ and they were lied to. He said, ‘no, our salespeople wouldn't do that.’"

He wants businesses to know all the school's fundraising groups can produce a letter on school letterhead, giving them permission to raise money.

People have seen these same types of posters in Sand Springs, Bixby and Glenpool.