TU's Keevan Lucas Talks Day 1 Of Practice, Returning From ACL Injury

Thursday, August 4th 2016, 8:13 pm
By: News On 6

It was a welcomed return for Golden Hurricane receiver Keevan Lucas at the first TU practice.

"Felt great, little tired, little out of shape,” said Lucas. “Got to get back into that football shape, but it just feels good to be out here with my brothers. It's been a long, long, 10 months."

In a game against Houston on October 3, a simple fly route turned for the worst. He suffered and ACL injury and was out for the season. 

"From October 6 to now, I've been working every day in the training room, 3-4 hours at a time,”said Lucas. “Just trying to sacrifice my time to get back out here with these guys. It was kind of upsetting last year being on the sidelines and not being able to play, but I feel like it was a good time for me to grow."

Since that game against Houston, he’s only been thinking about getting back on the field, so today was a great day. It wasn’t only fun for him but for his quarterback as well.

"I've known him since he's been up here, you know, good friends all the way through, really understanding,” said Dane Evans.

"Seeing him catch that one down here out of the slot, that was awesome, just solidified that he's back. And I think once he caught that one it wasn't like he was out here for the first time; he was back to the old Keevan."

Head coach Philip Montgomery said, "He's got that it thing, and he, you know, he loves this game so much. He loves being out here and when you have it taken away like he did last year, I think it just makes you cherish every moment that you have out here on the field."

Lucas says he's at 100 percent and is excited for the new and hopefully full season.

"It makes you appreciate it more,” said Lucas. “You know, makes you not take everything for granted. Go out there and have fun every day."