Organizers Offering Perks For Oklahomans Donating Blood

Monday, August 1st 2016, 11:02 pm
By: News On 6

Blood donations are a limited commodity over the summer months. And with the threat of Zika, there's now more testing involved.

Organizations across Oklahoma and America are making a desperate appeal for people to donate by offering some ‘perks.’

The biggest perk of donating could be saving someone's life, but there's more. Organizations like the Red Cross and the Oklahoma Blood Institute are offering gift cards and the chance to win a car.

"It's an easy way to save lives. It's helping people," said donor Jeff Hanisch.

The Red Cross said it is experiencing a critical blood shortage, with more going out than coming in. So, the organization is making a desperate appeal for more people to follow Hanisch's lead.

"My mother in law does have a rare blood disease, so that has inspired me to keep up with it and keep doing it," Hanisch said.

While there is additional testing for Zika in the blood donating process, getting donations during the summer months is tough on its own, as many people are busy with vacations and out for the summer.

As an incentive, the Red Cross is offering Amazon gift cards.

Kendra Burnham said the Oklahoma Blood Institute is doing something similar with zoo tickets and the chance to win a car.

Burnham said, unlike the Red Cross, there is not a shortage of blood in Oklahoma; but providing blood for 90 percent of Oklahoma hospitals, there's a constant need for blood.

"We want to plan ahead. We don’t want to go into a blood emergency, that's what we don’t want to do," Burnham said.

That's why Hanisch plans to keep giving.

"You never know when you're going to be the one that needs the help, so karma is a good word for it," he said.

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