Victim's Family Asks 'Why' After Tulsa Man Admits To Randomly Shooting

Monday, August 1st 2016, 7:09 pm
By: News On 6

The family of a murder victim has more questions than answers after a man confessed to the crime.

Brennon Lovett is in jail after telling police he randomly picked out people in Tulsa to shoot, hoping to kill them.

Now, many are asking why.

Police said Lovett's answer didn't make a lot of sense, but he mentioned that when he was a teenager he got arrested for stabbing someone. He said he felt that arrest ruined his basketball career.

Police aren't sure if rage over that caused all of this, or if it was something else.

Unique Moore-Bell’s father, Wayne, was one of the victims.

"What I miss most about my dad these past three years is his voice. His encouragement, his words alone got me through so much adversity," he said.

Coach Wayne Bell was taking his trash to his curb in 2013 when someone shot and killed him. No one could figure out who would kill the man who devoted his life to young people.

Unique said, "He was great in the community. You didn't have a ride to a game, he went and got you. You didn't have a ride home, he'd take you home.”

Unique said, after losing hope that the case would ever be solved, he's glad for the arrest but doesn't understand why.

"If I understood, I could find closure and, maybe, forgive him. But now, no, I can't find it in me to forgive him just because it was a random act," he said.

Police were also shocked when Lovett voluntarily confessed, solving five open cases.

Sergeant Dave Walker said, "The ones he talked about, he gave intimate details.”

Police say, in all the cases where the victims lived, they will be going back through all the evidence to see if that matches Lovett's confession.