Crews Work To Restore Power To Green Country Storm Victims

Friday, July 15th 2016, 6:57 pm
By: News On 6

Crews are working around the clock to bring power back to Green Country storm victims, but at last check, nearly 41,000 still don't have electricity.

That includes 26,000 PSO customers in Tulsa, Wagoner and Osage Counties.

Power crews could be seen working diligently restoring electricity block by block in Tulsa on Friday as businesses waited to get back up and running.

Just off the Creek Turnpike at the Memorial Creek Apartment Complex--people like Christina Silence could be seen walking around, enjoying a cool breeze and just waiting.

“It's kind of like camping, but it's going to get old,” she said.

She's trying to keep her 9 month old comfortable as she waits for things to get back to normal.

Some in the complex tell us they're headed to hotels, while others are waiting things out with candles and batteries.

“They expect that everyone should have power, that most people should have power before then, but definitely Monday, which is an upgrade from Tuesday so that's good."

Restaurants off 71st and U.S. Highway 169 brought in a refrigerator truck.

They lost some business due to the storm but say they're making sure they don't lose anything else.

“We decided to call up our Springfield grocer and they were gracious enough to come down from Missouri and give us a truck,” culinary assistant Teale Olson said. “And luckily for Chuys we're helping them out too. We've got their groceries in this truck too."

Restaurant employees say the entire stretch of 71st from Garnett all the way up to Memorial had power out at one point after the storm, forcing everyone to close their doors.

As for people still without power like Christina, she says, so far things are going OK. But for her daughter's sake, she hopes power is back up sooner rather than later.