Deputies Investigating Reported Attack On Oologah Lake

Monday, June 27th 2016, 6:29 pm
By: Tess Maune

The Rogers County Sheriff's Office is investigating a reported attack on Oologah Lake Sunday evening. The victims said they were assaulted by a group of men for no real reason.

Most of the incident was recorded during a 911 call.

“Get somebody out here, now, please,” Jerica Scullawl-Gates could be heard telling the dispatcher. “Oh, it's changing fast. It's changing now. They are getting off their craft and they are engaging my kids.”

“It was insane,” Scullawl-Gates said. “I took a couple of good elbows to the rib because I did grab a guy who was one of the kids, and I had him by the neck and was trying to throw him off.”

Scullawl-Gates said she, her two sons and a few of their friends went to the Spencer Creek Cove area of Oologah Lake for an evening swim Sunday.

Before they even set foot in the water, she said two men on a Sea-Doo sprayed water on her family and started driving dangerously close to shore. Someone in her group yelled for the men to stop.

“We're trying to swim here, you hit one of us, you're gonna kill somebody,” she said. “The guy comes up, does like three donuts really tight, throwing the water up on the shore, yelling a slurry of curse words and tells them, ‘you just wait, I'll be back.’”

After that comment, Scullawl-Gates said the men left and came back with several friends to start an all-out brawl.

“They are involved in a fist fight. He just sprung on my son. They are in a fist fight,” she told the dispatcher.

“All of these people were my age and older. They were all in their 40s and 50s and they're attacking theses 19, 20, 25-year-old kids,” Scullawl-Gates said. “All because they said you're gonna hurt somebody or kill somebody running up and down the lake like that.”

The most concerning part for Scullawl-Gates was that the men had two young girls with them.

“She's yelling, 'Daddy stop. Daddy don't. Daddy don't. Please don't do this daddy. Daddy don't.' She was terrified,” Scullawl-Gates said. “I was more afraid for these girls on the boat with them than I was for my own family because these are little girls that are gonna have to go home with these people who obviously have no self-control and are violent.”

She said the men took off when they realized she was on the phone with 911. Her group took several pictures of the men to show deputies and to post on Facebook. At the time of this report, her post had been shared more than 7,100 times.

The Rogers County Sheriff's Office said the reported attack at Oologah Lake can happen anywhere, not just in that area. Deputies hope the incident won't keep folks from enjoying Spencer Creek Cove, and the victims say the same.

“They claim it's their lake, not ours. It's everybody's lake. Oologah Lake belongs to all the people of Oklahoma, and if we're not willing to stand up to these people, we are gonna lose our lake,” Scullawl-Gates said.

But her biggest fear, she said, if the men are not stopped someone could lose their life next time.

“We were lucky...cuts bruises, blooding noses, black eyes,” she said.

The Rogers County Sheriff's Office has identified seven people of interest. Deputies are now trying to contact each person.