Top Three Summertime Home Fire Dangers

Friday, June 17th 2016, 9:19 am
By: Dave Davis

The Tulsa Fire Department has some advice on how to not to put your home at risk for fire this summer.   

Fire Department spokesperson Captain Stan May says there are several hazards they typically see during the summer and each one can be prevented.

First, everyone likes to grill outdoors.  Stan May says grilling on windy days, putting your grill in your grass, or within 10 feet of your house or anything combustible, could cause a fire that will spread rapidly.  

Instead, Captain May says you should grill on hard surfaces, even if it's paving stones and always watch your grill.

Second, always clear brush piles that are near your home. He says to make sure to clear all the dead leaves and yard waste away from the side of your home. Captain May says if those leaves or debris catches fire, flames will crawl up the wall, getting into your home's attic.  

And third, with the the Fourth of July holiday getting closer, Stan May says Tulsa residents need to be smart and safe with fireworks, adding its illegal to shoot them off within the city limits of Tulsa.