Sand Springs Church Helps Girls In Breast Cancer Fundraiser

Sunday, June 12th 2016, 3:38 pm
By: Amy Slanchik

When a local church found out two girls were selling lemonade to raise money for breast cancer - they decided to step in and help. 

Church That Matters in Sand Springs had a few guests at Sunday's services. 

Taylor Blackwell and Sydnee Porter have been best friends since first grade. Lead Pastor Rusty Gunn, who lives in their neighborhood, recently discovered the two 11 year olds were selling lemonade to raise money for breast cancer. 

"I think this church is awesome; it's my first time being here," said 11-year-old Taylor Blackwell.

The church gave the girls a check for Cancer Treatment Centers of America which they had chosen as their cause. It was for $100, matching the amount the girls had raised by Sunday.

But the girls had something else in store for them this morning: a brand new lemonade stand equipped and ready to go for the crowd after church. 

The girls used to collect their lemonade money in a cup - now, they have their very own cash box. 

And it's filling up quickly.

"Most people have been giving us tens and twenties," said Sydnee Porter, age 11.

Both girls say they have family members with cancer, one of the main reasons they won't be keeping the cash. 

"People have to go thru chemotherapy every day, and we get to go outside and play and I don't feel like that's right, that we deserve it," Sydnee said.

The girls have a goal to raise $1,000 this summer.  Congregation members helped them down the road with that goal. In addition to the $100 check, the girls raised $375 selling lemonade Sunday in the lobby.