Oklahoma Woman Helps Reunite Mississippi Woman With Lost Wallet, $2,000

Friday, June 3rd 2016, 11:05 pm
By: Amy Slanchik

A Mississippi woman, in town for only a few days, thought all her money, credit cards and other personal items were gone forever.

But then fate intervened, and, thanks to the kindness of a stranger, Jazmin Williams was reunited with her wallet.

This story starts with Pamela Grant’s morning prayer, and Williams’ family outing.

"I just prayed today, you know, ‘God, help me to bring glory to your name.’ And He did, and in an astounding way," Grant said.

Williams said, "I took my kids this morning for donuts before I dropped them off to their dad."

The two have never met, but now they're connected because Williams lost her wallet.

"I was frantic. I was flipping out, crying, upset," said Williams.

It ended up at the Jenks Police Department after Grant spotted it.

"I just thought 'some poor woman has lost everything she has,’" Grant said.

She found the wallet at the Daylight Donuts parking lot near a puddle. She said she didn't even bother to count how much cash was inside.

"$2,080…$2,081, down to the single dollar; I had tipped at the donut shop, and I had a dollar left from my tip," Williams said.

She is waiting for a heart transplant and said every dollar matters right now. Williams lives in Mississippi and is only in town for a few days.

"This wasn't gonna just ruin the trip, it was gonna ruin, probably my summer," she said.

Grant could have become $2,000, but said getting the wallet back to Williams was the answer to her prayer.

“I just thought 'she needs this,'” she said.

Williams said, "Glory be to God, ya know. Because that's the only way I can see that all of those events would have lined up for me to get it back."

Jenks Police Chief Cameron Arthur said during his 30 years in law enforcement, he’s never seen someone turn in so much money.