Creek County Chase Ends With Minor Crash Involving Officer

Friday, June 3rd 2016, 1:11 pm
By: Tess Maune

A Creek County manhunt ended with a minor crash in Sapulpa south of Interstate 44 Friday morning. One officer was injured in the crash.

Police said the officer's airbags went off in the minor crash at the end of the pursuit. He was taken to the hospital to be checked but is going to be OK.

The chase ended on a hill overlooking parts of Sapulpa and Tulsa.

“The suspect's vehicle went a little bit further down, it actually wrecked into a tree,” said Corporal Gene Watkins with the Northern Oklahoma Violent Crimes Task Force.

Watkins said the terrain was so rough an officer also crashed.

“There was a ditch that you can't see because of the grass - the vehicle struck the ditch which damaged it,” Watkins explained.

The corporal said the pursuit started because a Dodge pickup had just been stolen.

Then, after the crash, Watkins said the driver and the passenger ran from police.

Officers arrested Markell Brown while the search for the other man continued.

“When they get captured they'll probably spend some time in the DOC. I hope they do,” said Sapulpa resident William Shelton.

Officers used K9s and went door-to-door, letting residents know what was going on.

There was enough commotion that Shelton decided to just go outside and watch.

“Better than soap operas,” he laughed. “Doesn't beat Thunder basketball, but it's close, though.”

Police did arrest the other man in the car; officers said his name is Montell Miller.

They said they're looking for one other man who was not in the stolen truck, but officers aren't releasing his name just yet.