Police: Driver Flees After Pickup Crashes Through Tulsa Home's Yard

Friday, June 3rd 2016, 8:39 am
By: Dave Davis

Tulsa police are searching for the person who crashed a stolen pickup truck into a yard near 61st and Mingo Friday morning.

The couple who lives there said they’re disappointed about the damage but glad they weren't hurt.

The mangled mess at the corner of 61st Street and 92nd East Avenue is all that's left of decades-worth of hard work that C.A. and Frankie Warren put into their side yard.

"I couldn't believe seeing all that vacant space in my backyard that's [now] scattered all over the pasture out behind," C.A. said.

Police said the damage is the result of a driver speeding down 61st early Friday morning, in a stolen truck, and losing control just west of the Warren’s home.

Officers said the truck hopped the curb, ran over a cable box and a street sign, and crossed 92nd into the Warren's yard.

Frankie Warren said she loves to sit out there, watch the traffic and look at her beautiful yard, but now that's not going to be possible for a while.

"The noise, the noise I'll never forget, never. It just was a horrible noise, horrible noise," she said.

Police said the truck got stuck in the field behind their house and the driver bailed out and ran.

Officers said they don't know who the driver is, or if alcohol was involved, but they're trying to find out.

"Another six feet and he probably would have hit the corner of the house where I was sleeping," C.A. said.

Police said they'll contact the truck’s owner and return it to him.

The Warrens said an out of control vehicle has damaged their property at least two other times since they've owned the house.