Woman Injured When RV Flips In Tenkiller Storm

Thursday, May 12th 2016, 1:48 pm
By: News On 6

Cherokee County Emergency Management says it's too early to tell, but believes a microburst caused damage to the Snake Creek Marina and campground Wednesday night.

The National Weather Service issued a Severe Thunderstorm Warning for the area around 11:40 p.m. Wednesday.

Several boats are damaged and some are blown over, due to high winds, at the marina.

The only thing louder than the storms near the Snake Creek Marina were cries for help; one woman was trapped inside her fifth-wheel RV and walked away with a broken arm.

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"Man, our trailer was a rocking and the hail was coming down so hard and heavy. It did that for so long, and then when it finally slowed up and she opened up the door and she heard our neighbor over here hollering ‘help, help, help,’” camper Ed Ogdon said.

Ogdon and his wife's neighbors at the camp had it worse than them.

"See those blocks right there, under that and back yonder? The trailer was rocking, so it blew those blocks out and under there, you know," he said.

Regina Ogdon said, “I don't think I got afraid until I realized that they were in harm’s way."

An Arkansas family got tossed around, and the Ogdons helped them out the back window.

“They're really, really, shook up. He had a bad place on his arm and he was holding his tummy and, you know, her arm is broken twice, so they're really shook up," Regina said.

The Ogdons didn't see all the damage until sunrise.

The high winds capsized pontoon boats and tore off the roofs of some house boats.

We're waiting to hear back from the National Weather Service to see if meteorologists plan to come out and survey the damage.