TPS Approves Cuts, Eliminating 142 Teaching Positions

Monday, May 2nd 2016, 9:28 pm
By: Emory Bryan

Tulsa Public Schools finalized the decision to cut back on staff - 270 positions trimmed from the budget.

The district cut teaching slots for a savings of $8 million, but the district hopes to avoid any layoffs.

TPS believes enough people are leaving on their own at the end of the year, but it will require some reshuffling of staff to fill the gaps.

The district believes the cuts made Monday night will be all that's needed, for now.

On the night Tulsa Public School finalized a plan to increase class sizes, a handful of parents and staff watched it happen. Parent Etta Taylor urged the board to use caution.

“We need to remember what and who is paying the cost here. It's our students. They're the ones who are going to feel the major cuts,” she said.

The school board said with state funding reduced by an estimated $200 per student, there was no choice but to cut into the classroom.

TPS Board member, Cindy Decker said, “These are terrible decisions we have to make, they impact mine personally, as a TPS parent, and as a friend to many TPS parents and teachers.”

The latest wave of staffing cuts eliminates 142 teaching positions for a savings of $8 million annually.

In many cases, that means increased class sizes - kindergarten classes will max out at 26 students, 6th grade classes could grow to 32 students. In the upper grades, the average classes will grow from 29 to 32 students.

District leaders hope to balance out class sizes once school starts.

And they believe with the cuts they've made they won't have to go any deeper.

The cuts and class size changes take effect at the beginning of the year.


TPS Staffing Plan: