Precautions Help Minimize Storm Damage To Homes, Insurance Expert Says

Friday, April 29th 2016, 6:59 pm
By: News On 6

Before storms hit, there are several ways to minimize damage to your home.

Those steps can protect your insurance premiums as well.

While a catastrophic storm can knock down houses, the much more common insurance claim – usually hail-damaged cars and rooftops – is smaller.

The most common storm-related claims in Oklahoma happen in the spring, with wind, and hail and the occasional tornado.

While tornadic storms get more attention - it's hail that leads to 3/4 of all claims on cars and more than half of the claims on houses with damaged rooftops.

“If you can take care of the little things before it hits, you're good and that roof is going to last longer, that's the good thing about it,” Farmers Insurance Agent Shea Garrison said.

Garrison says especially with roofing, a little preventive maintenance and better quality pays off.

"If you have a little better shingle, you'll obviously pay a little more up front, but it actually helps you on your insurance,” he said.

During the north Tulsa and Owasso tornado, high wind caused damage in homes that weren't directly hit.

According to Farmers, high wind accounts for a third of all storm-related claims and hail alone causes $1 billion in damage each year.

Garrison says if people take precautions, they cut down on losses and ultimately save on their insurance.

In fact, she says it's important to know when not to file a claim.

"What a lot of people don't realize is they will file a claim and have someone come out, and what if it's not covered or it's only $300, whether money is paid out or not, that claim stays with you for three years,” Garrison said.

But when in doubt, Garrison says call your agent, they can you walk through what to do and whether it's to file a claim or not.

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