Tulsa Man Catches Thief On Camera, He Says

Thursday, April 14th 2016, 6:54 pm
By: News On 6

A Tulsa retiree is frustrated because a thief came into his shop and stole items and he feels police aren’t doing enough to catch him.

Don Gibson doesn't have much, but what he does have, he doesn't want to lose.

“I work hard to get what I get, and you know, nobody has the right to come take that from me," Gibson said.

He says he noticed some of his shop equipment missing on Monday and knew someone had been to his home.

“This is what he was looking at first, this stuff right here,” he said.

According to video a man walked up and down behind a home, even hopping a fence, but there must have been one thing he missed.

“I guess he can't read,” Gibson said.  

Gibson’s home is outfitted with cameras -- from front to back, and a large yellow sign proclaims, “SMILE, you’re on camera.”

The whole crime, clear as day, played back on video.

Gibson said the most frustrating part is that police have yet to watch the video.

He sai9d he reported the burglary on Monday after it happened, but since then, he hasn't been able to talk with detectives about his case.

He's eager to get them his video, because he says he's sure this guy will strike again.

“I'm kind of doubtful I'll get my things back, but if we can stop him from doing this again then that will be good enough for me,” Gibson said.

Gibson has installed some new security measures as well, but he says until the guy is caught, he'll be on high alert.

Police tell us they average 14,000 larcenies a year in Tulsa and have a handful of investigators at each division to work them.