Tulsa Body-Cutting Case Should Be Dismissed, Attorney Says

Thursday, April 14th 2016, 11:13 am
By: News On 6

An attorney for a woman accused of cutting a body in a funeral home wants her case thrown out.  

Shaynna Sims-Smith is accused of going to a funeral home and cutting a victim in a casket. Prosecutors say she cut the face and hair of a woman named Tabatha Lynch - also cutting off her toe and breast and taking a photo of her privates. 

Sims-Smith's attorney filed a motion asking that her arrest be thrown out, the evidence seized during the police search and the charges against her to be dismissed. The attorney said it wasn't proper for police to arrest or search her even though they found the victim's tennis shoes that had been in the casket in Sims-Smith's car, and they found a knife with hair wrapped around it in her pocket.

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The district attorney's office filed a response saying everything was done as it should have been, and there are plenty of witnesses to testify about what Sims-Smith is accused of doing.

On Thursday, a judge decided to rule on the motion to dismiss on May 6, 2016.