Naked Man At Tulsa River Parks Arrested Thanks To Good Samaritan

Wednesday, April 6th 2016, 5:43 pm
By: News On 6

A Good Samaritan gets credit for helping police arrest a man they say was peeping in women's restroom at the River Parks Tuesday night.

In an exclusive interview, Shane told me what happened. We've chosen not to use his last name. 

Shane was at a festival at the River Parks with his girlfriend when he noticed a man wearing nothing but pantyhose, touching himself and hanging out by the women's restroom.

"My first thought was actually to beat the crap out of the guy," Shane said.

But he called 911 and watched as the guy went around to the windows and tried to peer inside them.

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Police say as he was peering into the window, three women were actually inside and had no idea somebody was getting a look.

Shane followed the guy to his car and says the guy got totally naked and drove off, but, then returned a few minutes later, put on the pantyhose again and went right back to the bathrooms.

"I actually let the guy notice me, around the corner, so he'd just quit," he said.

Shane says when police arrived, the man was back in his car and fully naked once again. Police found the pantyhose under the passenger seat. They say Tony Parnosky has previous felonies, but none sex-related.

Police say it's important to report things like this because flashers become peepers and when they need more of a thrill, many of them become rapists.