Tulsa's Golden Driller Celebrates His 50th With A Big Party

Wednesday, March 23rd 2016, 11:04 am

Tulsa's most eligible bachelor is about to have a big birthday. The Golden Driller turns 50 next month, and Tulsa County is throwing him a party.

The Driller was built for the International Petroleum Exposition and was meant to be temporary. Instead, he's turned into a symbol of Tulsa after all these years.

For his 50th, the Driller will get some new lighting to improve his looks for the big day. And what better band to perform at his 50th than Midlife Crisis?

"We want the public to come out and enjoy the Midlife Crisis band," said Tulsa County Commissioner Karen Keith. "So, 7 o'clock, April 9, at Expo Square right underneath the Driller, we'll be celebrating a big birthday for the big guy."

The party will be a fundraiser for the United Way.

For the first time, the Golden Driller has his own website and Facebook page. The website is theGoldenDriller.com.

Remember - the birthday is April 9.