Apartment Fire Displaces Tulsans

Monday, March 7th 2016, 7:46 am

Six people have to move out of their apartments near 79th and Sheridan in Tulsa because of an overnight fire. We're told the wind actually helped the firefighters. 

Damage to the Ridgemont Apartments near 81st and Sheridan is mostly to the outside of the building and up in the attic. 

A district fire chief said they caught a break with the overnight wind. Authorities say the south winds blew the fire away from the complex, instead of back into it - in  which case the chief said could have turned this into a much worse situation.

As it stands, two units - that had a total of six people living in them - were burned.

The apartment complex is moving those people into some vacant units so they have a place to stay. Firefighters are still investigating the cause, but the officials we spoke to were leaning toward accidental.