Tulsa 4-Year-Old With Rare Condition Spends Rare Day At The Fair

Tuesday, October 6th 2015, 11:13 pm
By: News On 6

Simple tasks that many take for granted are milestones in the life of 4-year-old boy born with a rare condition.

The condition leaves Wyatt Wolery with limited mobility, speech and vision; but Tuesday, he and his family got to spend a special and rare day at the Tulsa State Fair.

EMSA reached out to the Little Lighthouse in Tulsa and asked who would be the best candidate for a new, annual tradition where EMTs spend the day at the fair with a child who wouldn't normally be able to have the experience.

Paramedic Chris Meeks served as Wyatt's guide Tuesday, leaving the whole afternoon completely up to the 4 year old and his family.

Wyatt’s mother, Kelly Wolery, said, “We kept him home from school and he took a little nap, so yeah, I think he’s ready for it. He is.”

And so was everyone in Wyatt's family, including baby sister, Grace.

Kelly said, “This is going to be a total experience for him, new experience because this is stuff he’s never been able to do.”

Wyatt's immune system is compromised, so his mom, Kelly, and dad, Ben, have to be careful where they take him. They said the fair couldn't be possible without help from EMSA.

“Just to have him be able to do what normal kids do,” Kelly said.

“Our time with them is in a very short window while rushing them to hospital,” Meeks said. “Today gives us an opportunity to connect with them and experience what their life is like to continue to care for them in a better way.”

As for Wyatt, his family had one specific request, that he get to see the pirate show, so they could see that one of a kind smile.

“He smiles and they all say his smile is infectious so you know that’s when he enjoys something since he can’t communicate any other way,” Wyatt’s dad said.

And for Wyatt, though he can’t express it like his sister, you knew he enjoyed himself Tuesday and lived up to his name.

“Wyatt means strength as a warrior, and he's our little warrior, so he's definitely meant to be here. He is a perfect soul…absolutely a perfect soul. He’s my hero," Kelly said.