Tulsa Man Connected To Burger King Robbery In Jail For Gun Crimes

Monday, October 5th 2015, 8:00 pm
By: News On 6

What police first thought was an armed robbery now appears to be an inside job.

An employee of a Tulsa Burger King claimed she was run off the road at gunpoint by a man who stole a bank deposit bag containing $1,000, but police said there is more to the story.

After Jacob Rucker saw his picture on TV, he called the police and told them he was the guy who took the Burger King bank bag but said he had help from an employee.

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He was looking at a grand larceny charge, and, possibly, not much time; but now he's in jail, accused of pointing a gun at his neighbors, and looking at a lot of time behind bars.

Karen: "I kept hollering, ‘Get out of my house.’ About that time, he reached behind his back and pulled out a gun. My daughter's boyfriend was there, and he said, ‘I'm going to take all my frustrations out on you.’"
Lori: "That's what Jacob said?"
Karen: "Yes."

The victim, Karen, said it all started on a playground when they saw a little boy hitting other kids with a baseball bat.

She said her daughter took the bat and told the boy to have his mom see her to get it back; but Karen said the mother's boyfriend, Rucker, showed up instead.

"He just opened my screen door and walked in my house," she said.

When she saw the gun, she grabbed her five grandbabies - ages 16 months to 10 years - raced them upstairs, and her daughter shoved Rucker outside.

"She pushed him and slammed and locked the front door," Karen said.

Rucker, an ex-con, was already in trouble with the law after he saw his picture on TV when police called him a person of interest in robbing a Burger King employee on her way to make a bank deposit.

“The guy came in voluntarily, talked to us, and we realized there was more investigating to be done. So he understood he was going to be arrested at a later time for it; that we would walk a warrant through," said Sergeant Brandon Watkins.

But, just a few days later, he was in jail anyway, facing much more serious charges.

Watkins said in four years working robbery, he's never seen a bank deposit robbery that wasn't an inside job.

"People tend to think they're smarter than they are," he said.

Police got a warrant for one Burger King employee and may arrest more than that.