Quiet Pattern to Provide Great Viewing of “Supermoon Eclipse”

Sunday, September 27th 2015, 5:34 pm
By: News On 6

Meteorological fall arrived on September 1st.  Fall officially arrived according the astronomical calendar on September 23rd.  Pumpkin-spiced lattes are readily found and a hint of color can even be seen in a few of our trees.  However, one thing is missing… autumn weather!  Its arrival is a bit delayed this year thanks to a more summer-like jet stream pattern (shown in the first image). This means the active storm system track that would draw colder air to our region is still stuck well to the north near the U.S.-Canadian line.

                This pattern bodes well for quiet weather and generally clear skies for the viewing of that remarkable lunar eclipse tonight.  The eclipse will begin during the 7pm hour, but not reach totality until after 9:11pm.  From that point until nearly 10:30, the moon will be covered in earth’s shadow, tinting it with that eerie red color (hence, the Blood Moon name).  The moon will slowly regain its whiteness as the earth’s umbra (fancy term for the shadow) passes away from its surface.  Be sure to soak in this sight, the Supermoon-lunar eclipse combination won’t occur again for another 18 years!

                Beyond tonight’s celestial sight, we’re in for more late-season warmth.  Temperatures will  remain mild to warm beneath mostly sunny skies.  However, a storm system over the Gulf of Mexico combined with jet stream energy further north in the Plains will cause a squeeze play to occur over Oklahoma.  While there won’t be much focus for rain in our immediate area, clouds will begin to increase daily and temperatures will slowly taper down.  Cooler, drier air will continue to seep into the region late in the week before a much stronger system coming from the Northwest likely sends another cold front into our region by the weekend.

                Initially, the Tulsa State Fair may begin with warm, dry weather, but a more unsettled pattern developing by the weekend brings about the potential for a round or two of rain and cooler weather. Our computer models are in BIG disagreement about what happens from there. We could be in for our first extended taste of fall weather where jackets could be warranted at times.  However, there are other indications that warmer temperatures won’t retreat too far and come surging back again next week.  Either way, a more variable weather pattern, typical of early fall is likely to become in place by next week.  Through the extent of the Tulsa State Fair, a wetter than normal pattern is projected. Hopefully we can catch some pleasant times on the Midway in between rainy spells next week!          

                Enjoy the lunar eclipse tonight and stay tuned for the bigger changes in our pattern that lie less than a week ahead.  Be sure to follow me on Twitter: @GroganontheGO and like my page on Facebook!