Mysterious Intruder Damages Cars At Vinita Dealership

Wednesday, September 16th 2015, 5:30 pm
By: News On 6

Someone — or something — is destroying cars at a Vinita dealership, and no one has been able to crack the mystery so far.

It's not your typical "whodunit" at Green Country Ford in Vinita. It's more like a what-dun-it.

Nine cars have been damaged over the course of two weeks, says general sales manager Freddy Griffin, and the dealership's surveillance cameras haven't captured anything.

Mysterious claw or teeth marks have appeared on the fronts of several Ford Fusions, with parts completely ripped off of others.

Griffin says he's heard every theory under the sun, and each one is more outlandish than the last.

"Of course, the El Chupacabra idea," Griffin laughs. "Bigfoot is a big one, and of course, the Yeti."

The mystery has people in Vinita scratching their heads. Ronald Roberts is one of them; he got wind of the car damage and decided to investigate for himself.

Roberts is convinced the culprits are wild hogs.

"Looks like they're coming in and sharpening their tusks," Roberts explains, "and the tips of their tusks are puncturing as they're going to the end of the drag."

Other suggestions include bears, dogs and mountain lions. And it seems people from all over the country want to offer their two cents. 

"We've had phone calls from all over the nation," Griffin says, including a call from Fresno, California, on Wednesday morning. 

Green Country Ford plans to bring in a local forensic company to test any DNA they might be able to find on the damaged cars. The mystery creature left behind some fur on one of the cars, and some saliva on another.

Whatever the creature is, it has a lot of explaining to do. And it owes the dealership tens of thousands of dollars.

Or, maybe it deserves a thank-you for being the inspiration for a genius sales pitch: 

"Anybody looking for a bargain? We got some Bigfoot Bargains!" Griffin laughs.