Six-Month-Old Rescued From Car By Cleveland Police Officer

Friday, September 4th 2015, 8:21 pm
By: Tess Maune

A Cleveland police officer rescued a 6-month-old baby from a hot car on Friday afternoon.

Chief of Police Clint Stout said two women reported a baby was crying inside a locked SUV with its windows rolled up in the Walmart parking lot.

The vehicle’s doors were locked, and the Good Samaritans tried to knock out a window before police arrived, but they couldn’t. Stout said Sgt. Mark Smith got to the scene within minutes and busted out a window so the baby boy could be rescued.

Stout said the baby was very hot and crying when Smith got to him. Police believe the child was in the car for about a half hour.

Stout said the baby’s mother, Jennifer Foster, and baby’s grandmother were inside shopping. The chief said the Foster acted hysterical, but she never produced any tears.

The two Cleveland women who notified police of the baby inside the hot vehicle and tried to intervene were the heroes, Smith said.

"To me, the people that called it in are the real heroes of the day here," he said. "If they weren't standing in close proximity to the vehicle and or heard the child screaming, it could have been a fatal situation for the child."

The baby was taken to a hospital and is expected to be OK. Stout said the baby will be placed in DHS care, once released from the hospital.

Foster has been booked into the Pawnee County Jail for child endangerment. Stout said the grandmother hasn’t been arrested yet, but likely will face charges as well.