Divers Search After Car Sinks Into Keystone Lake

Sunday, August 30th 2015, 9:03 am
By: News On 6

A search mission has been completed at Keystone Lake. Oklahoma Highway Patrol was told a vehicle went into the lake by the Pier 51 ramp.

Camper Amanda Fulbright saw it go into the water a little after midnight.

"When I looked out the front of my car - my headlights caught the back end of a car going under water, so I immediately called 911," Fulbright said.

She'd just pulled into the parking lot and was worried someone was in trouble.

"I thought someone may have been in the car because the lights were on and the trunk popped open," she said.

Troopers say the car was in about 12 feet of water so they sent a dive team into the water Sunday. The dive team said no one was in the car, and investigators are trying to figure out why the car ended up in a lake.

Trooper Rick Humdy with the marine division said the car was about 75 feet out from the shore. He spotted it using sonar, and divers hooked up the vehicle to a wrecker that recovered it from the lake.

The vehicle is a midsize, white four-door.

Humdy said it's not too unusual for someone to drive a stolen car into the lake, but they don't know if that is the case here.

They've talked to the owner of the car, but they believe his son or grandson was driving it Saturday night, he said.

Amanda Fulbright and other campers in the area were just glad to hear no one was hurt.

"I'm just grateful, thankful, that no one was in the car," she said.

Park rangers and Mannford Police assisted with the search.