Tulsa Neighbor Recalls Giving CPR To 'Limp' Toddler

Sunday, August 23rd 2015, 7:18 pm
By: News On 6

A 13-year-old is still in jail after being accused of murdering his 2-year-old cousin Charity Simmons.

The child's mother also is in jail for child neglect.

In June, police say the teen took the toddler from house to house in the neighborhood looking for help.

The newest development in the case -- naming the 13-year-old responsible in Charity's death -- leaves many people wondering if he is the only one who should face murder charges.

The woman who gave CPR to Charity says from the start, she thought there was something odd about the whole situation.

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Around 4 a.m. a woman named Amanda -- who only wants to go by her first name-- says 13-year-old Dinero Reddick showed up on her doorstep with Charity in his arms. Amanda says shortly after that, her son woke her up to tell her Reddick was outside.

When she went outside, her 18-year-old daughter was on the phone with EMSA trying to perform CPR.

Amanda, who works in the medical field and is CPR-certified, took over.

She says immediately she thought something was wrong for a 13-year-old to be out that early with a child so young.

And for Charity to be fully dressed and not in pajamas, she believes the child may have been hurt long before.

"The first thing I asked was ‘What happened?’” Amanda said. “And he told me he didn't know -- she just stopped breathing. I kinda picked up her arm and dropped it to see if she was cold to touch and whatnot. She wasn't cold to touch, she was limp, and to me it was clear she had been gone longer than should be to start CPR on someone."

Police said Charity had bruises all over her body, including a bruise in the shape of a shoe print and a bite mark.

Police got warrants for dental impressions from both Charity's mother and cousin to compare to the bite marks.

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