Tulsa Woman 'Redefines Age' With Modeling Career At Age 80

Thursday, August 6th 2015, 9:49 am
By: News On 6

Margie Alfonso was looking for a way to stay busy and earn a little money after her husband died. She was in her 70s and decided to try modeling.

"I just wanted a part-time job."

She went to the Linda Layman Agency here in Tulsa. They said get some photographs. Head shots.
She did, they turned out well... but:

"I had a little mark on my head shots, I felt like, 'what is that I'd better get that looked at,'" she said.

It was a malignant melanoma. Got it removed, then reconstruction by a plastic surgeon..

"He put my whole forehead back together."

And then back to modeling. It occurred to me, that getting those photographs for the modeling agency saved her life.

"Oh, it did...It absolutely did."

If that was all, it'd be quite a story, not even close. Margie's been busy. She was a political organizer back in the Reagan years. A convention delegate in '84.

She's been a song writer. She's worked to help military families, and her modeling connections have landed her on cable television. Here's a hint... she's not a recurring character..

"You're gonna die in the show?"
"Oh, yes. I sent you a picture of my death scene, did you get it?"

Actually no but I can't wait to see. There is a wonderful point to all this whirlwind of activity her life has been so far. It is never too late to start something new.

"It doesn't mean a thing how many times you go 'round the earth. I would like to redefine age."

I think maybe she has.