Tulsa Organization Offers Help For Hoarders

Thursday, July 30th 2015, 11:52 am
By: News On 6

Life Senior Services estimates nearly five percent of the population in Tulsa County suffers from some degree of hoarding disorder.  They hope to help many of those by offering what is called "Buried in Treasure" support groups.

The organization is holding a meeting Thursday to let the public know what these free support groups are all about. 

I talked to one woman who went through the program and says it has dramatically changed her life.  Joanne didn't want to show her face or her home on camera, but wanted to share her story. 

"There's a lot of shame, a lot of judgment and criticism of myself regarding this issue. I would say I'm a worth while person, I just can't seem to get this stuff taken care of," said Joanne.  

This isn't video from inside her own home, but it shows you what it may look like inside a house of someone with a disorganization or hoarding problem. Clothes and other belongings start to stack up. Joanne had hallways and doors blocked.

"If you don't open your mail in a week, you have a stack, but if you don't in a month then you have a room building up, so that's how it happened," said Joanne.

Her sister told her she had a problem,but she didn't want to hear it.  

"It's very overwhelming and it feels like there is no solution and no way out of this," said Joanne.  

Eventually, she went to a Tulsa Community hoarding task force meeting and enrolled in a "Buried in Treasure" course.  She says it has given her a peaceful life.

"There is definitely a difference , I can't say it is where I want it to be but I am able to have someone come to the door and not be scared," said Joanne. 

Life Senior Services helps facilitate the support group.  Mary Hardy with Life Senior Services says it's about helping people let go, one step at a time. 

"No one is going to tell you what to do, no one is going to tell you, you need to get rid of this and not get rid of this or throw this away," said Mary Hardy.  

To find out about the program you can call Life Senior Services at 918-664-9000