Ex-Girlfriend Arrested For Plowing Into Motorcycle Rider

Friday, July 10th 2015, 6:00 pm
By: Tess Maune

A woman is in jail after police say she used her minivan to plow into her ex-boyfriend while he was driving his motorcycle.

A few Good Samaritans are being credited for bringing it all to an end, and in a News on 6 exclusive, two of them share their story.

It all ended in the McDonalds parking lot at 49th and Harvard, but it began about eight blocks away on Harvard, near 41st Street.

One witness said she watched a woman slam into a motorcycle from behind. She says the driver didn't swerve, slow down or stop. And the victim's family says it was intentional.

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With a motorcycle wedged beneath a mini-van, witnesses told police everything they saw.

"We were like, seconds behind the van,” Heather Setzer said. “There were plastic pieces all around him and he was holding his leg like he was in pain.”

Setzer and her friend Niki Lambert were on a breakfast run Friday morning when they ended up in what felt more like an action movie.

“Intense,” Lambert said.

“Yeah, we were shaking even when we got back to our office,” Setzer said. “We were still, like, 'Oh my God, we are so shaken up.' It was just really scary. You just never see someone run from the scene of a crime.

The person they say they saw running from the scene was Samatha Drywater. Police say she spotted her ex-boyfriend riding his motorcycle near 41st and Harvard and sped after him.

“He said he looked up, saw the vehicle, saw them chasing him,” Crystal Horse, the victim’s aunt, said.        

Horse says her nephew Levi Cooper tried to get away. He swerved in and out of traffic for nearly eight blocks, but according to police, Drywater, his ex-girlfriend, caught up with him.

“And then he said the next thing he knew, hit the back of his motorcycle and he went to the ground and he said he felt the car roll over him,” Horse said.

Cooper's ankle was crushed, and police say Drywater kept going until a Good Samaritan used his pickup truck to push the van into the McDonald's parking lot about three blocks away.

“He was, I want to say, the hero of it,” Setzer said. “He was really great. He ran after the girl on foot, tried to catch her. He blocked her in, he stayed around for police. He did everything.”       

But the two Oklahoma girls also played a big part. They say when Drywater ran from the scene, they also chased after her.

“I was like, 'Oh, crap! Niki, she's running!' So I opened the door and I slammed it and I was like, 'Stop!!'” Setzer said.

They say Drywater didn't stop, so neither did they.

“She didn't hit her, so I was like, 'get in, we'll try and go get her,'” Lambert said. “And so we took off around here, and we chased her down the street, but I couldn't turn to follow her.”

Police eventually did find Drywater. According to a police report, before Drywater admitted she was the driver, she told officers she was just out for a jog.

As she was driven to jail, she stuck out her tongue at our camera.

Police say the Cooper and the Drywater dated for seven months, but they broke up six months ago. Cooper’s aunt says it seems like the incident came out of nowhere. But she says, she is more focused on thanking the folks who stopped to help.

“It's nice to know that there was people there assisting him at that time,” Horse said. “We’re so grateful.”

And those who stepped up say they’d do it again.

“We didn't really stop to think what had happened, we just knew something bad had happened and we wanted to help,” Lambert said.

Cooper will need to have several surgeries, but is going to be OK. His aunt says if he hadn't been wearing a helmet, the outcome could have been much worse.

Police booked Drywater into the Tulsa County Jail on multiple charges including assault with a deadly weapon, hit and run, obstruction and driving with a suspended license and no insurance. They say they discovered she had 13 traffic warrants out for her arrest.