Tulsa Neighbors Caught In Crossfire Of Gang-Related Violence

Tuesday, July 7th 2015, 6:00 pm
By: News On 6

A neighborhood filled with hard working, peaceful folks, is caught in the crossfire of gang violence. The activity is all focused on one house.

Someone dropped off a shooting victim at that house on Sunday, and someone shot two people there Monday night.

Police say the shootings at the home near East Latimer Court and Frankfort are all connected. Homeowners who live here say the violence needs to stop.

The Patterson family is cleaning up after gunmen fired shots from their front yard.

"The brass that was ejected from the gun was within 15 feet of the front porch, so they were standing in our yard to shoot through our cars at our neighbors," said Sean Patterson, Tulsa resident.

They don't know what to do after the bullets shattered their car windows and lodged inside the door and front bumper. The family's SUV also needs a new tire after investigators looked for a bullet inside.

The violence in this neighborhood started Sunday night when a shooting victim showed up next door. And Monday night, police say gunmen shot at two people at that same home.

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The Pattersons can't believe their quiet neighborhood would be hit twice with violence.

"For someone to come into our neighborhood and start firing guns and stuff like that, I can't even think of the words to say right now," said neighbor Velvet Patterson.

Neighbors believe the people living next door are to blame for the violence on the block.

"You'll notice that there's three basketball goals on the block. We've got kids that come from other streets to come play basketball. That's why we decided we'd move up here," Sean Patterson said.

Police believe the two shootings on East Latimer Court are linked to recent gang violence. The first shooting happened last week at a car wash where one person died.

Sergeant Dave Walker, TPD Homicide, believes that victim wasn't even a gang member.

"We've seen innocent victims before on gang-related shootings. Do you want to see another one? Basically that's it. There's people out there that know who these people are, where they're at and what we need to get convictions," Walker said.

Sergeant Walker doesn't expect one of the victims from last night's shooting to survive his injuries. The Pattersons say they'll be staying somewhere else the next couple of nights just to be safe.