Man Running From Officers Assaults Woman, Muskogee Police Say

Tuesday, June 30th 2015, 7:29 pm
By: News On 6

A suspected career criminal is behind bars after police say he terrorized a Muskogee neighborhood.

Officers said Reshaun Alexander kicked in a few doors, assaulted an elderly woman and threatened officers with a knife, among other things.

Police said Alexander is a gang member, and Muskogee neighbors are relieved he is off the streets.

Officers said he's been in and out of jail his entire life; now Alexander is facing more than 12 charges for crimes he's suspected of committing on Tuesday alone in a Muskogee neighborhood.

One of the charges is for crashing into a truck while leading police on a chase.

Dennis Sherman was sitting in his chair when he heard a loud bang outside his house.

“It shook my chair. It felt like an earthquake," Sherman said.

He walked outside and saw parts of his home damaged, and his truck smashed.

Next to his truck was the car police said Alexander was driving, but he had taken off, according to Muskogee Officer, Lincoln Anderson.

"Once he hit the parked vehicle, he bailed off on foot and took off running, kicked the door in on a house," he said.

Police said Alexander knocked down the front door of an elderly woman's home and assaulted her.

They said she set off of her Medical Alert System, and then Alexander took off to Anita Skelton's home.

She said, thankfully, no one was home except her dog, Hank.

“My dog is not a very nice dog, so I'm thinking, maybe, when he went in he met my dog and wanted to get back out,” Skelton said.

He ran off, tearing down a privacy fence, and that's when Anderson said he saw him running with a knife in his hand, threatening officers.

“They both had their weapons drawn, and I saw an opportunity to end this another way,” he said.

Anderson used his Taser and Alexander fell to the ground.

Officers said they found a gun in his vehicle, large amounts of methamphetamine and crack cocaine.

"He is lucky he didn't have that gun and take it with him because he probably would have killed somebody," Sherman said.

Police said they are fortunate there was an opportunity to use a Taser instead of deadly force.

They said Alexander was within 12 feet of the officer walking toward him with a knife when the Taser stopped him.